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technician performing hvac analysis

Get an HVAC Analysis Before Fall

A sure sign that fall is upon us is when you start feeling chilly in the mornings. In addition to the lovely change in tree colors, cooler pleasant temperatures, and our shift from sandals to socks on the weekends, the arrival of autumn means it’s time to give your HVAC equipment HVAC service in Chicago. No one wants their furnace to go kaput just as overnight temperatures are dipping down to the freezing mark.

Booking a fall HVAC inspection and maintenance checkup with Climatemp Service Group means these points get covered:

Safety – Is your furnace operating safely, or does it leak carbon monoxide (CO) into your work space? In addition to measuring for leaking CO, the HVAC service makes sure there aren’t any gas leaks.

Efficiency – During HVAC service, there is a check done on whether the system operates at optimal efficiency, and a determination is made on whether aging components are slowing it down.

Operation – Do you feel your furnace heats your facility the way it should? It seems like a simple question, but it can be quite hard to answer. From uneven heating between rooms to over or under heating your entire facility, it’s important to confirm whether your heater operates properly.

In addition, your air filters are replaced during the HVAC service. It’s all part of the complete package. With that done, you can face the cooler temperatures with confidence.

hvac technician working on a thermostat

Save When You Retrofit Your HVAC Controls

When you are you looking to save energy at your commercial property there are things you can do. If your business’s heating and air conditioning system is an older one that’s driving up your energy bills, and you’re not in the financial position to replace the entire system, then there is good news. There is another way to save energy: by retrofitting the controls for your commercial HVAC in Chicago.

Retrofitting Can Do More Than Save Energy

Saving energy is certainly the biggest reason for retrofitting your HVAC controls or equipment. Businesses can experience an average saving in energy consumption of up to 35 percent by adding retrofit technologies. But there are other benefits of retrofitting your HVAC controls:

Get Longer Life From Your Older HVAC System

It is possible for a business owner to extend the life of a commercial HVAC by several years, and delay having to lay out a large amount of capital for a new system.

Improve Comfort Conditions

When you retrofit your HVAC controls, it runs more efficiently, which is what helps you save energy, but you also get the benefit of more consistent temperatures and better-controlled humidity. You may even notice reduced noise from your system and fewer drafts from moving air.

Fast ROI

Since retrofitting your controls involves a small percentage of the cost of replacing your commercial HVAC equipment, you can achieve a return on your investment in as little as one to three years.