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Design Tips for Your Commercial HVAC Systems

A commercial HVAC system should be built to specifications that work best for the property in which it’s installed. Following some simple tips provided in this post will ensure your workplace is comfortable all year long.

At Climatemp Service Group, we are one of the top HVAC companies in Chicago, and we’re calling upon our experience gained from years in the field to discuss designing a system.

Our first suggestion is that your commercial property should have central AC or heating installed. This ensures that unused spaces in your location can have the system turned off or lowered to reduce energy usage. In conjunction with this, it’s important to make sure any units or appliances that are part of your system are energy efficient. Look for an Energy Star rating and choose your components accordingly as you design your system.

The building’s construction also goes a long way toward playing a part in designing a heating and cooling setup. Dependable HVAC companies will take this into account and look at items such as windows and insulation when determining the ventilation needed.



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Taking Care of a Large Commercial HVAC System

Effective indoor heating and cooling is key to a comfortable workplace and business operation. Maintaining commercial HVAC in Chicago is not a task that can be handled without the training, skills, and equipment you will find at a company specializing in the field.

At Climatemp Service Group, we’re intimately familiar with commercial HVAC systems, and we’re happy to discuss what goes into taking care of one. Many components must come together seamlessly to ensure the unit works as it should. Each HVAC setup is different from others as it must be designed and installed with the size of the commercial property in mind, and the workload it will face. A heating and cooling system in a small office building will differ from one in a manufacturing facility.

Maintenance is the key to ensuring optimum system performance, regardless of its size. If each component works as it should, then the entire unit will operate flawlessly. We find that the heart of maintenance is looking after simple tasks on a routine basis. This means you need to ensure filters are inspected and replaced as required. Inspections also have to include fans, bearings, and belts at the same time. Cleaning is an essential part of reliable commercial HVAC performance. Evaporators, coils, dampers, and air ducts have to be kept clean. When all of these steps are taken care of, your office or retail location will be comfortable all year round.