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Does Your Heat Exchanger Need Repairs?

Most people don’t know a heat exchanger from a duck-billed platypus, and most do not need to know. However, when you’re responsible for a business with rooftop heating and cooling, it’s essential to know this crucial part of the HVAC system is in good working order.

When it’s not, your operation runs the rink of everything from fire to carbon monoxide poisoning and heating failure. We recommend evaluating HVAC companies in Chicago to find one that does know the importance of a heat exchanger and provides you with solutions.

Signs of Trouble

As an HVAC company of long-standing, we offer these suggestions to ensure your heat exchanger is in good operating condition:

Look for rust or corrosion on your furnace equipment. These signs tell you there’s moisture present.

Listen to the carbon monoxide detector. This tells you the heat exchanger has cracks in it.

Keep an eye on the flame. It should appear steady and blue. However, when the flame jumps around and appears a different color, the heat exchanger may have cracks.

Watch for soot building up on your furnace. Soot shows up when a heat exchanger has problems with combustion.

The best way to avoid trouble is with preventive maintenance. Allow the technicians from our

HVAC company to inspect your furnace regularly to keep things running smoothly.