Very often the best investment to reduce energy costs and prolong the useful life of your heating and cooling in Chicago is to retrofit the controls. 

The simplest retrofit may be a thermostat replacement. Perhaps you need to install a programmable thermostat that enables you to “set back” the temperatures when your facility is unoccupied.  Maybe you already have some kind of programmable thermostat, but would like one that’s easier to operate – or one that is web-based so you can make changes remotely. Our Chicago mechanical contractors can help you retrofit air conditioning controls to suit your needs.

Some of our customers ask us to create multiple “zones” at their facility, so employees can have individualized control of the temperature in their work areas.

Those customers with older heating and cooling equipment often benefit from the installation of variable frequency drives (VFD), which can deliver a payback of less than one year.

The more complex controls retrofits involve Building Automation Systems (BAS).  In some cases we install BAS, in other cases we upgrade BAS, in others we swap out one BAS for another (usually opting for a non-proprietary BAS).  On several occasions, customers have instructed us to completely remove their existing BAS, and instead install more basic, easy-to-use controls.

Whatever your controls need, Climatemp Service Group’s Chicago mechanical contractors can provide a practical solution that fits your budget.  We are not tied to, or affiliated with, any single controls manufacturer.  Therefore, we can objectively recommend the best fit for your heating and cooling in Chicago. 

Contact us to review your controls. We proudly serve commercial and industrial customers throughout the greater Chicago area.  Our offices are located in Broadview, Illinois.