Q. How can you minimize your HVAC repair expenses?

  1. By having Climatemp Service Groupproactively maintain your heating and cooling equipment.

It’s analogous to avoiding a lot of tooth damage and expensive dental work by seeing your dentist for regular checkups.  The highly skilled Service Technicians at Climatemp Service Group are experts in keeping your Broadview heating and cooling equipment in excellent shape.  Regular maintenance services not only minimize repair expenses, but they also maximize the performance of your equipment.

But with even the best dental care, age and use will ultimately require additional dental work.  Similarly, your Broadview heating and cooling equipment will eventually need repairs.  When it does, entrust those repairs to the professionals at Climatemp Service Group

One of the many added benefits of a Climatemp Service Group preventive maintenance agreement is a deeply discounted labor rate and parts discount for any repairs that your HVAC equipment may require. 

Process Heating & Cooling Repairs

Those of our preventive maintenance customers who are in the manufacturing sector depend on process cooling or process heating to meet their production schedules.  When they call Climatemp Service Group for HVAC repair in Chicago and surrounding areas, response time is often critical.  We know and respect the importance of responding to the call quickly, and with the right talent.

Many of these customers work around-the-clock, so their cooling and heating equipment is in constant demand.  We often make arrangements with these customers to keep on site those repair components that most commonly fail, so to keep the repair call short, and the cost low.


Many people are surprised to learn that countless office buildings, health care facilities, classroom buildings, etc., require year round cooling, even in Chicago.  These HVAC systems rely on a 55° F discharge air temperature even during winter’s coldest days – air which is then tempered to raise its temperature to keep you comfortable. 

During certain months, this is achieved with “mechanical” cooling, which requires the use of compressors.  At other times of the year, “free” cooling is engaged, which requires the use of economizers to bring in cool, outside air. When these components don’t perform properly, the Service Technicians at Climatemp Service Group come to the rescue.

Our ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the difficulty is what sets us apart from the competition.  Our air conditioning repair in Chicago for your comfort cooling systems is second to none.  We maintain virtually every make and model of air conditioning equipment, from small “split systems” to large “chillers”.

Heating Repair Service

The majority of commercial buildings in our geographic area are heated with natural gas. Inside the Package Heat/Cool Rooftop Units for these buildings, there are many components that operate together to produce your heat.  The most expensive of these components is the “heat exchanger”.  Climatemp Service Group preventive maintenance programs include a careful examination of the heat exchanger as part of the heating start-up in the autumn.

Multiple risks are inherent with a defective heat exchanger, including heating failure, carbon monoxide poisoning, and fire.  Cracks or holes in the heat exchanger cannot be patched; the necessary repair to the unit requires a new heat exchanger.  Our Service Technicians have the skill and experience not only to properly identify a failed heat exchanger, but also to make the needed repair.

It is less expensive and less disruptive to identify a failed heat exchanger, or any other failed heating component during a maintenance inspection than as an emergency service call.  This is why veteran building owners/operators turn to Climatemp Service Group for their HVAC preventive maintenance programs.

Contact us for expert repair service. We proudly serve commercial and industrial customers throughout the greater Chicago area.  Our offices are located in Broadview, Illinois.