Emergency HVAC Service in Chicago Keeps Your System Running

Your operation relies on its HVAC system to keep the environment within the facility safe and comfortable for employees and efficient for equipment. This is true whether you run a large factory or a small office; the only difference is the scale. When a malfunction occurs with the system, and it stops operating as it should, then that constitutes a serious problem that can easily escalate if it’s not dealt with promptly. The reliable 24/7 emergency HVAC service in Chicago offered by Climatemp Service Group will prevent this from happening.

Here are a couple of examples that illustrate the type of scenarios that can quickly arise during a heating or cooling malfunction. For example, in winter, a lack of heat can lead to frozen and burst water pipes that cause a great deal of damage throughout the property and lead to major repair expenses. In the summer, the opposite is true. Sweltering conditions from a failed AC unit quickly take their toll on people and the equipment they use. Overheating is a real threat in this situation.

Quick to Answer the Call

When an emergency occurs, time can’t be wasted. It’s imperative that you place a call for HVAC service as soon as a problem is identified. That reduces the risk of further issues and the potential for damage. It also allows a quick response from our highly trained technicians so that disruption to your business is kept to a minimum.

Our techs are dispatched to an after-hours emergency job from their homes across our coverage area. This step saves time because they don’t have to come to the office to collect tools and supplies, once they get a call, they’re underway.

For your part, you need to explain the problem as precisely as possible so that our HVAC service professionals know what to expect and can already be thinking about how to solve the problem while on their way. If we can’t provide a solution immediately, say we need to order a part, we’ll offer a short-term fix that will work until a permanent solution is put in place.