HVAC Service in Chicago for Building Expansions

It’s an exciting moment when your company takes the next step in expanding its facilities. But with the physical expansion of any building comes technical issues, such as ensuring the HVAC system is functioning. With blistering summers and frigid winters in Chicago, there is the necessity for a well-operating HVAC system. Your heating and cooling needs to be up to par so that your current and future employees can work comfortably in the workplace. After decades of experience, our team can give you the HVAC service in Chicago you need to ensure your future expansion is adequately cooled and heated.

With the help of Climatemp Service Group, your existing HVAC system can be built out to include the new section of your facility.

HVAC Maintenance For Expansion

If it’s been a while since you’ve given your HVAC system any maintenance, now may be a great time to not only have it expanded but tested. The HVAC system should be checked every year for optimal operation; amid other building maintenance that needs to be done, we can have a look to see if your original system is functional, needs repair, or replacement. If you are planning a major construction project, like an expansion, for your facility, you should probably double-check your HVAC system, even if it was inspected recently, to esure it can handle the expansion. You can count on us to discuss HVAC service questions so that you can gain the best insight into your system’s situation.

Please give us a call for your business’s next step in growth. Our team of experts is happy to evaluate your HVAC system for any trouble. Contact us today to make your expansion a great success. We work with businesses like yours throughout Chicago.