Retrofitting Your Commercial HVAC in Chicago

Even the best heating and air systems eventually fall behind the times. With new technology and efficiency standards coming out all the time, some of the best investments you can make in your business are improvements to your HVAC setup. That doesn’t mean a complete replacement every time an upgrade shows up on the market, though. You can take advantage of the newest options without overspending by retrofitting your commercial HVAC in Chicago.

In simplest terms, you can think of a retrofit like a feature upgrade. It leaves some of your still-functional systems in place while swapping out older components for more modern improvements. One of the most common retrofits for many businesses in the climate-conscious era, for example, is changing out an old thermostat for a programmable alternative. This simple upgrade lets you set temperatures according to time, saving energy costs when nobody’s in the building and still enjoying maximum comfort during business hours. Other commercial HVAC retrofits include:

  • Creating Individualized Temperature Zones
  • Installing, Upgrading, or Simplifying Building Automation
  • Enhancing Older Systems with Variable Frequency Drives

The most important thing about any retrofit is making sure that the solutions you choose fit your needs. At Climatemp Service Group, we work with HVAC systems for a wide range of businesses in our area. Learn more about retrofitting and get personalized advice from our team by reaching out to us today.