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Signs That Your Commercial HVAC Requires Repairs

Your place of operations gets busy. While your employees work hard to ensure your business meets its goals, other things may be thrown to the wayside amid the hustle and bustle: your HVAC system. Commercial HVAC in Chicago is a critical component of any facility. A poorly operating air conditioner or furnace can generate sky-high operating costs or disrupt worker productivity and morale.

HVAC systems are pieces of equipment. As with any machinery, you can spot the warning signs that can clue you into problems with your HVAC. Here are some noticeable symptoms that you may need service in the future:

Increased Power Bills: Your HVAC system will probably be one of the most energy-demanding components of your facility, Malfunctioning air conditioners will use more power to circulate cool air, and the same goes for your furnace. A high bill is your signal to call a technician.

Employee Complaints: Keeping your workers happy with their work environment should be a priority. A stuffy or freezing-cold facility can cause distractions–and even present health problems. Listen to your teammates if they complain that their environment is too hot or too cold. If they complain about noise, like humming or clicking, it can also be a sign that your HVAC is malfunctioning.

Too Much Moisture: Air conditioners do get wet as part of normal operation. However, there is such a thing as too much. If you see pooling around your units or leaks, then it’s time to call your HVAC service company. Also, be keen on unpleasant odors: mold, mildew, coolant leaks, and rotting animals in the ducts can create health hazards.

By knowing the signs of malfunctions and looking out for them, you can have your HVAC system repaired promptly. Team up with a trusted commercial HVAC repair company and make your facility a comfortable and efficient place to work.