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The Importance of HVAC Service in Chicago, IL

Before you decide to turn on the AC, it’s imperative to know that everything is functioning properly with your unit. Regularly scheduled HVAC service in Chicago, IL, will protect the longevity of your system. When the season changes and you reach the point of switching from heating to air conditioning, we recommend that you get your HVAC system checked so that it’s in prime working condition upcoming season.

The importance of ensuring your heater is working is properly is especially important for commercial businesses. If your heater is not working properly, you expose both staff and customers to multiple hazards that could threaten the people in your building. A mal-functioning heating system can cause not only heating failure but, in extreme cases, a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular HVAC service and repair is the smart move for the long run.

It is easy to overlook checking your HVAC system. That is why not only system manufacturers but also HVAC professionals recommend having your system cleaned and checked twice a year—before you turn on the AC and before you turn on the heat. The highly-skilled team at Climatemp Service can give you an analysis and provide HVAC service when you need it.

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